Types of Roofs: What’s Your Best Option?

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When it comes to roofs, there are more varieties than many people realize. Roofs are not boring, one-size-fits-all architectural entities. As a matter of fact, roofs are as diverse as the homes beneath them, and our professionals at Hicks Residential Roofing will work hard to create the ideal, unique fit for your home.

Types of Roofs: What’s Your Best Option?

Check out just a few of the many types of roofing below:

  • Gable roof. Triangular in shape, a gable roof is simple, classic, and brings to mind the quintessential type of roof that we all know so well: a point in the center and two sloping sides.
  • Dutch gable roof. Similar to the classic gable roof, a Dutch gable roof has a center section that opens up to an attic window or similar cut-out, and often includes a little slope descending from the opening.
  • Gambrel roof. The Gambrel roof is classic, simple, and rural in its appearance. Much like a barn roof with two peaks and slopes, it allows for an attic or loft to be placed below it due to the increased space.
  • Hip roof. A hip roof has four generally equal sides with a middle pitch.
  • Mansard roof. A mansard roof has four even sides that slope downwards from a center pitch.
  • Shed roof. A shed roof is a roof that usually slopes down in only one direction from the ridge line.
  • Flat roof. Exactly what it sounds like, a flat roof is completely horizontal. It’s best suited for hotter climates with no snow risk or for areas where a rooftop patio can be constructed.

When it comes to roof types, the variety of styles are wide-ranging and highly personal. Roofs are as individualized as the people who own the homes beneath them, and each one has advantages based on their look and aesthetic.