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Give your fascia the attention it deserves.

Though the smaller parts of your roof, like the soffit and fascia, are often covered under the umbrella term of roofing, they still play integral parts and should get the same amount of attention as your roof when it comes to maintenance, repairs, and replacements. We at Hicks Residential Roofing understand this, and that’s why we always take care to check your fascia and other parts of the roof as well whenever we come to work on your roof in the Kennesaw, Georgia area.

Fascia in Kennesaw, Georgia

For anyone unfamiliar with fascia, it is a structural component that protects the interior of the roof and supports the weight of your gutters. It is especially necessary for protecting the exposed roof rafters and trusses, so you won’t have any water damage or pests. It works in conjunction with the soffit, which allows for ventilation for your roof and keeps out any unwanted pests or water.

We can inspect your fascia to ensure that it provides the best protection and stability for your home without any issues. We will provide you with any necessary maintenance, repairs, or replacements. We can also provide the same services for your soffit, in addition to your fascia services, to ensure you are receiving only the best possible services for your home or building. As we understand that these two parts are just as important to your roofing, we will always take the time to check on your fascia and soffit with any roofing services we provide, whether they be maintenance, repairs, or replacements.

Give your fascia the attention it deserves. Give us a call to schedule any necessary fascia services today.