Properly Installed Gutter Systems

Your home’s gutter system is often perceived as a non-important piece of the home’s protection system. In reality, the gutter system is actually a very important piece to the preservation of your home. The exterior of your home including your gutter system is designed to keep water from entering your home and deteriorating it. An efficient roofing and gutter system will work together and help deter water as well as preserve the life of your home. Understanding the importance of a gutter system could end up saving you a lot of stress and money in home repairs. It is always better to be proactive than reactive. Without a  gutter system the home is open to costly damages including but not limited to;

  1. Basement Flooding
  2. Erosion
  3. Siding rot and stains
  4. Fascia rot
  5. Brick, Siding and Home Staining
  6. Further settling of driveways and patios.
  7. Rotting of Exterior doors, windows and garage overhead
  8. Mold and Mildew
  9. Interior Damage to walls, paint and flooring

Keep in mind even though you have gutters on your home, if they are not properly installed and regularly maintained then you could still have some of the problems listed above.

When having new gutters installed, make sure that they are installed for maximum water flow. Here are some things to kind in mind;

  1. Pitch – Your gutters should slope toward your downspouts and away from any front valleys. Your gutters should slope approximately ½” for every 10ft of gutter.
  2. Seamless gutters are best. Seamless gutters help avoid leaks in seams and additional caulking.
  3. Gutters should extend slightly beyond the corners of the roof.
  4. Hidden hangers should be screwed into the fascia for every 2ft of gutter ideally screwing into the rafters.
  5. Downspouts should be mounted to the exterior wall with brackets.

As with anything, you will need to make sure that your gutter system stays properly maintained. On average most gutter systems should be cleaned twice per year. Check out our article, Gutter Maintenance, on how to keep your homes gutter system properly maintained.

Prevent costly damage to your home with a properly installed and maintained gutter system. Remember your gutter systems primary purpose is to move water away from your home and preserve the life of your home.

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