Metal Panel Roofing

Architectural Metal panel roofing is perhaps one of the most common metal roofing systems installed in the United States. Architectural Metal Panel roofing, also known as Press-formed Panel roofing, is made up of pre-painted interlocking panels that come in a variety of materials and colors. The roof panels are typically fastened with hidden fasteners which go directly into the roof deck. Hicks Roofing installs the following architectural metal panel products from SEMCO. You may download the color guide for metal panel roofing products here.

Sem-Lok Metal Panel

Sem-Lock Metal Panel

SEM-Lock metal roofing panels are one of the strongest and longest lasting panels available in the industry today. SEMCO’s proprietary design ensures that you not only get a strong and beautiful roof, but also a low maintenance roof. The Sem-Lock panels have a concealed fastener and snap lock system which has a standing seam appearance.


R Panel

R-Panel Metal Panels are one of the most versatile metal panels and are suitable for both roofing and walls. R-Panels are a relatively lost cost metal roofing option. While R-Panel is very strong it does have maintenance issues over time due to the exposed fasteners in the system.

Corrugated Metal Panel

Corrugagted Metal Panel

Corrugated Metal roofing applications are typically less expensive than many other types of metal roofing products. They have a simple and rustic appearance. While budget friendly, they have a design which opens them up to other issues such as having to maintain the exposed fasteners over as the roof ages.

Metal Panel Color Guide

Below are the colors that are offered with the SEMCO metal panel products. Note that actual colors may vary from what you see. We recommend that you consult with a Hicks Roofing Account Manager to schedule a visit where we may bring you sample products.
Metal Roofing Colors