EPDM Roofing Atlanta

EPDM Roofing

Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM) Rubber Roofing.

The EPDM rubber is a single-ply roofing material manufactured of an elastomeric polymer that is synthesized from ethylene, propylene, and a little traces of diene monomer. Natural gas and oil act as a row material (propylene and ethylene) used in the manufacture of EPDM. EPDM is one of the synthetic roofing materials used globally for low-cost housing. EPDM can also be molded in a variety of shapes with different colors to resemble other roofing tiles.

In the installation process of the EPDM roofing material, the deck is prepared, and the roofing material is unrolled and is cut on the ground a piece that is two to four feet on each than the actual roof. The roofing material is then positioned in the right place, and then half of it is folded over the other half. Glue is then spread around on the roof deck.

The roofing material is slowly and evenly unrolled and is pressed against the roof deck. After gluing the first side, the remainder of the EPDM rubber is folded back, and the gluing process is repeated. In case of two pieces, you will have to allow for the extra roofing material to overlap one of the parts of the seam. The portion that is closer to the bottom of the roof always goes on first, with the top piece protruding it. Then finish off the outer edges and the top of the flashing parts with the metal termination bars and trimming off any excess roofing material. These areas should be sealed with the caulk specified by the roofing material manufacturer.