Emergency Tarps

If you have landed here then you are in a spot of trouble with your roofing system. Lets get right to it. The best way to protect your leaking roof is by what the insurance industry refers to as a “temporary roof covering” or “blue tarp.” Hicks Roofing offers an emergency tarp service to customers in our immediate service area at all times of the day. A tarp will prevent serious damage to your home which adds up to a great deal of time and money. Once we’ve stopped the immediate issues, we will assess what needs to be done from a repair standpoint. Often times, we must wait until the rain subsides to do this but we will be prompt with our recommendations. Note that if your home was damaged by a recent wind or hail storm event, we may recommend that you insurance company come out so that you have significantly reduced costs. Do not leave your home vulnerable to the water, mildew and mold, contact Hicks Roofing when you need us most.