TPO Roofing System

The TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) roofing system refers to membranes blended from ethylene-propylene rubber and polypropylene. It includes modifiers such as UV absorbers, flame retardants, and pigments. The TPO system can be assembled or installed on a fully adhered system or a mechanically attached system. The fully adhered system provides outstanding flexibility. The lightweight nature of this system makes it suitable for contoured roofs, roofs with irregular shape, and any other roof with limited load-bearing capacity. Mechanically attached systems, on the other hand, use fastening plates to secure the membrane. They do not use adhesives or seam plates.

TPO system has many benefits which have made it gain broad industry acceptance. TPO is durable, flexible, versatile, economical, easy to install, environment-friendly, and it provides cool roofing by reflecting UV radiation. Its high resistance to tears and punctures makes it durable. TPO can be assembled on low or high surfaces. It can also be heated and reshaped multiple times.

Roofs are exposed to harsh conditions such as weather and other elements that lead to their deterioration and decay thus weaken their protective properties. Commercial roof repairs can be costly. However, working with professional roofing companies offers the best solution to this challenge. It is important to find professional roofing contractors who have experience. Professional roofing companies hire competent technicians with extensive knowledge on repairing or replacing a commercial roof. Certified roofing contractors provide expertise and premium warranty services to their clients. A Professional Marietta roofer needs to put customer priority first, and they offer better affordable roofing packages. The roofing of any business needs to be in excellent condition so that the rest of the building structures are secure or not prone to repairs and replacements.


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