Jose Luis Vivanco, Sr

Roof Giveaway Winner

Hicks Roofing is honored to announce that the winner of the Veteran Roof Giveaway is former US Army Captain José Luis Vivanco, Sr. of Kennesaw Georgia. "When I was presented with the award, I couldn’t believe it. I am honored... I didn’t feel like I did anything special to deserve it. All that I did was to volunteer for Vietnam. It was my duty as an American citizen." José Luis Vivanco said.

José Luis Vivanco, Sr. was born in the communist country of Cuba. He came to the United States at a young age, 22. Shortly before his 23rd, birthday he joined forces with a team led to overthrow Fidel Castro in The Bay of Pigs Invasion April 17, 1961. Unfortunately, due to running out of ammunition he was captured along with fellow comrades and was held prisoner for 20 months until private businesses and citizens paid the Cuban regime $53 million in food and medicines for the release of the POWs. When he was freed, he joined the US Army and was given the rank of 2nd Lt. He then took his oath of citizenship of the United States of America on August 9, 1967 the same day he shipped to Vietnam, where he fought and served as second in command of an armored cavalry troop in the Northern sector of South Vietnam. He was honorably discharged with his last position as Captain, stationed in Ft. Hood, Texas.

Roof Giveaway Winner

José is now 79 years old and proudly calls the United States of America his home and honors the freedom that was bestowed upon him. He has devoted his life to serving others, beginning with his own family. He has 6 children, 24 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. José’s legacy of serving his country and community includes volunteering his time to educate others on the true meaning of freedom that he fought for and committed to protect. He has volunteered his time at voting polls, volunteers for The American Cancer Society Road to Recovery taking cancer patients to and from their appointments, he volunteered as a soccer coach for the ASA Mustangs for young men from the age of 5 to 20. Most, if not all, of the Mustangs players that Jose has coached have now coached youth teams and a few have turned out to be successful High School soccer coaches. He also served as a soccer referee, instructor and assessor for 42 years and continues to do so as an Assessor. José was inducted into the GA State Soccer Hall of Fame in 2007. Congratulations José!

US Army Captain Jose Luis Vivanco, Sr.US Army Captain Jose Luis Vivanco, Sr.