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Ryan Coffield's Story

My name is Ryan Coffield. I'm a single parent with two children, my 11-yr. old son and my 4-yr. old daughter. I've had my share of ups and downs in life, but the one thing that is constant, is the love I have for my family. In January 2005, I deployed to Iraq as a Sniper with 1-15 Infantry, 3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division out of Ft. Benning, Georgia. We ended up in a decent sized town called Ad Duluyiah, about 45 min northeast of Baghdad. Everything was going as ok as could be in a war zone, until the Sunni/Shiite Civil way kicked off.

October 2nd, 2005 my section and I were providing over watch for a Traffic Control point. Not long after being set in position, one of the scouts was almost hit by an insurgent sniper. I ran to the top of the intersection a few yards from where I was originally positioned, and on my way grabbed Sgt. Brandon Labar, who was the intended target of the insurgent.

Labar and I climbed to an upper balcony of a nearby building, hoping he could provide me with a general idea on where the shot came from. Roughly 5 minutes later, I saw a glint of a scope down the road from my original location. The insurgent sniper had relocated. When I turned to attempt to engage him, he fired. The bullet entered the front right side of my throat, clipping my carotid artery and breaking my c-3 and c-4 vertebrae. Labar was the first to come to my aid. He, along with my spotter, Jason Staszewski and a couple others tried to stop the bleeding, and get me off the roof. Several minutes later I was loaded onto a medivac helicopter. The field hospital cut my neck open to clip off the artery to prevent further bleeding.

I woke up several weeks later at Walter Reed partially paralyzed on my left side. The doctors performed a spinal fusion surgery to stabilize my neck. I'm now fused together from my c-2 to my c-5. Slowly I regained my ability to walk. After several years and lots of Rehab I feel almost back to normal, although I have a slightly impaired left arm.

Now, it's just my daughter and I in the house, and the roof will go to relieve a great burden and help to maintain a safe environment for her. I have tried to get the roof replaced through my insurance company, but there not cooperating and have only offered to "patch" it, even though it’s been tearing up through the numerous storms we've had lately.


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I was afraid I'd need a new roof but they came out and and explained what they needed to do to make it last a few more years. Great. Did a fabulous job and so far so good. My only fear was watching them do their job on my high roof. By the way, I sell Real Estate and refer them to my clients too. Honest, dependable and reachable!

Carla Sweetwood
Carla Sweetwood Realtor Keller Williams Realty

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