Hicks For Life

As small business owners, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve so many of our community. Our customers and our community have helped us become a successful business. Over the years, we have looked for opportunities to show our appreciation to the community that has supported us for so long. We decided to begin by creating a community outreach program that was designed to reflect the southern values of our business, the quality of the people we hire, and our abilities. More importantly, our “Hicks for Life” program was created to generate significant donations to causes we believe strongly in. Many of the charitable campaigns affect our immediate community and the individuals within it. All of our campaigns positively affect the world we live in. We are a multi-generation business and we want to leave our business, community and world to our children in better shape than we found it. Join us! We promise that our brand of giving back is a lot more fun than you can imagine.

Roof Giveaway Winner

Jose Luis Vivanco