Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sadly, there is no license required to do roofing in Georgia. We are, however, a licensed residential and commercial contractor and are licensed/capable of building an entire home if we desire. We maintain general liability and workers compensation insurance that is available upon request.

This is a two part answer 1) For commercial projects, we use a combination of employees and subcontractors. All projects are overseen by employees. 2) All roofing companies use subcontractors for roof installations to some degree. If they tell you otherwise, then they are not telling the truth. Ask for proof. We all use subcontractors for residential projects due to the seriously high insurance costs associated with employing people that go on roofs. Trust us, you don’t want us to pass those costs on to you. Rest assured that we require our subcontractors to carry proper insurance as well. All our crews are supervised by our Quality Assurance team.

We attempt to use our own dump trailers (on rubber tires) on every project. Depending on how busy we are, we will also use roll off dumpsters as well. We are happy to accommodate special requests if you have a preference. We do make every attempt to prevent any type of damage to your property during dumpster delivery or pickups.

This is part of our "secret sauce". Our Account Managers in our residential division work inside our building and are 100% focused on coordinating your project and the projects of other customers. We prevent them from traveling so that they can focus on strong communication and project management, not only with you, but also the other 10 people or so that are connected with your project. If you need a face to chat, our Sales Associate or Sales Manager are happy to visit with you.

When nails are required, we use pneumatic nail guns which are properly calibrated twice each day. We have seen it done both ways and can say without a doubt that nail guns, when properly calibrated, are the most consistent way to nail your roof to most substrates. Occasionally, we will find a reason to hand nail, but that is unusual. Ask any engineer, and they will tell you that consistency is king when it comes to quality.