Canton Roofer

You have succeeded in finding a roofing company in Canton! Chances are, that it wasn’t that easy. The internet is flooded with startup roofing companies in Canton Georgia and we appreciate that you are here. Real estate has been booming in Canton as properties increase in value due to the ever expanding success of the businesses in North Metro Atlanta. As a result, there have been a great deal of homes built over the past 15 years. Often times, new homes are built by builders using the cheapest materials to improve their bottom line. This has led to roof deterioration, roof repairs and roof replacements that may have been unexpected. Only a handful of roofing companies in Canton are qualified and experienced enough to properly repair your roof in a manner that is consistent with your roofing manufacturer’s specifications and/or requirements.

In addition to a booming housing market, Canton roofing has been affected in a very unexpected way. Many of the roofs in Canton are Atlas Chalet roofs which have been identified as a “defective product” and now have a class action lawsuit against them. The details of this product are interesting, but a side effect of this poor product has caused several newbie roofing companies in Canton to start targeting homes that have this type of roof installed. Avoid these roofing companies at all costs. If you are dealing with a roofing company that has been in business less than 10 years, just “walk away”. Let Hicks Roofing show you how a real roofing company behaves. With more than 35 years of experience, and a flawless record with the Better Business Bureau, Hicks Roofing is the best roofing company in Canton to handle your roofing needs.