TPO vs. PVC: Which Roofing Membrane Will Work for You?

TPO vs. PVC: Which Roofing Membrane Will Work for You?

If you are a commercial property owner, you might already be aware that TPO and PVC are feasible options for commercial roofing membranes but are you aware which of them is better able to withstand punctures. Flat roofs can easily become damaged by falling debris from a storm or simple routine maintenance from dropping sharp tools. If you are looking for a new roof and are considering something that is durable, then please learn the difference between TPO and PVC, and which is better able to withstand a possible puncture.

TPO system has many benefits which have made it gain broad industry acceptance. TPO is durable, flexible, versatile, economical, easy to install, environment-friendly, and it provides cool roofing by reflecting UV radiation. Its high resistance to tears and punctures makes it durable. TPO has been tested with blunt as well as sharp objects dropped at low speeds. The results show that thicker material is better able to withstand a puncture. Puncture tests performed at high speeds with sharp and blunt objects show that thicker TPO had the same results. The lightweight nature of this system makes it suitable for contoured roofs, roofs with irregular shape, and any other roof with limited load-bearing capacity.

The PVC roofing system is one of the most commonly used roofing systems across the world. The system consists of single ply membranes for flat or low slope roofs and the membranes are known for their strength and durability. Low speed puncture test show that PVC tested the same as TPO, except when it came to the 36-mil material variety. Here PVC had better results when compared to TPO, mainly because of the overall weight of the fabric. High speed test show that the 50-mil variety of PVC was shown to perform better than the 45-mil option. The PVC roofing system is preferred in many commercial businesses as they are energy efficient and do not absorb heat.

Overall TPO is known to be easier to install and more environmentally friendly. TPO is also more energy efficient and often better for those looking for a cost-effective option.

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