Atlas Chalet Shingles

Several times a week, we get phone calls about the Atlas Chalet shingle. Most folks have had other roofers knocking on their doors telling them they can get their roof replaced by insurance if they have storm damage. Fox News has done a very good job of investigating what is going on with these shingles. We’ll get to that later though.

The Atlas Chalet shingle is common shingle throughout the southeastern United States. In Georgia, they are also very common, but more so in Marietta, Acworth, Canton, Roswell, Cumming, and Powder Springs. The reason they are more common in some areas than others is solely based on when those homes were built. The new home explosion in north metro Atlanta occurred in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Not so coincidentally, the Atlas Roofing Corporation released the Atlas Chalet shingle during that time. We have a very good article explaining the phenomena associated with the Atlas Chalet and how your insurance handles storm damage on Atlas Chalet shingles. Before you go on, we recommend that you read the aforementioned article.

What makes these shingles of particular interest to roofers is how your insurance company indemnifies you against damage. Due to the way most homeowner’s policies are written, an insurance company should replace your entire roof if even one shingle is damaged by weather. That is according to the Georgia Insurance Commissioner. Though there is quite a bit of legitimate damage to the Atlas Chalet shingles, we caution you against using any roofer that knocks on your door. They will claim to be insurance or insurance restoration experts. They will also have a highly refined sales process for helping you through your insurance claim to getting a new roof. If you do your research, most of these companies have not been around longer than 5 years – many of them newer than that. There is always an interesting story that explains away their lack of history. The reason for the recent explosion in roofing companies around Atlanta is due to the rapidly spreading information about how homeowners can get their roofs replaced by insurance. Unfortunately, it has also created a market that is saturated with inexperienced “roofers” that are much better at sales than they are at roofing. Additionally, we are finding that many of these roofers are creating “wind damage” to coax you and your insurance company into replacing your roof. Not only is this illegal, but it may also cause your insurance company to drop your insurance. If you are interested in discovering if you actually have damage to your roof, start with Hicks Roofing or any reputable contractor. This is how you choose a roofing contractor.

As we mentioned before, Fox News has done a good job of reporting on all things Atlas Chalet. We recommend watching these videos from Fox News to educate yourself. Once you’ve been educated, you will see why only an experienced roofer with strong experience in insurance claims can successfully walk you through this process without causing you a great deal of financial pain. Give us a call if you have any questions: