Back in the 1970’s, single ply roofing was introduced in the United States for the first time.  As with any roof system, it was important for commercial roofing contractors in the Atlanta area and throughout the nation, to properly terminate field membrane and flashings when installing commercial roofing systems.  T-Bar became a very inexpensive way to terminate commercial roofing systems and is still popular today.

T-Bar is made from aluminum and typically comes in pieces that are 10 feet long.  Commercial roofing manufacturers created roofing details using T-Bar at parapet walls, curbs, expansion joints, and in other areas where there is a change of plane of the roof.

Having been a roofing contractor in the Atlanta area specializing in commercial roofing, we have seen many Atlanta roofing contractors use T-Bar in a manner that is not consistent with standard and acceptable roofing practices.  Some examples of what we witness is overuse of T-Bar by running the field membrane on commercial roofing applications over the edge and utilizing T-Bar to secure the membrane on the outside of the building instead of using drip edge.  The problem with using T-Bar in this application is that a stress point is created where the field membrane turns down over the outside of the building.  The commercial roofing industry and commercial roofing contractors actually came up with a name for this stress point called “point loading”.  As a result Atlanta based roofing contractors and roofing contractors throughout the nation were not permitted to use this type of T-Bar detail by most commercial roofing manufactures in the Atlanta roofing market.

In addition to being a commercial roofer in Atlanta, we have also served as roofing consultants in the Atlanta market and throughout the United States.  We’ve witnessed roofing contractors using T-Bar in other details where they should have been using other commercial roofing products.  We have witnessed T-Bar being used on expansion joints, skylights, and even roof vents.  It is important to understand that when using T-Bar to terminate a single ply commercial roof system, the field membrane or flashing membrane should extend a minimum of 8 inches above the surface of the commercial roofing membrane.

T-Bar is, and has been widely used in commercial roofing applications throughout Atlanta and the nation.  However, it is important for roofers to follow the commercial roofing manufacturer’s specifications and details very closely when using T-Bar details in commercial roofing system applications.

As one of the oldest Atlanta roofing contractors Hicks Roofing has learned that T-Bar has its place in commercial roofing applications but it cannot be used everywhere.