Roofing Coatings

Hicks Roofing, an Atlanta roofing contractor has been using roof coatings for many years.  It is important for commercial roofing contractors to understand roof coatings in general before selecting a commercial roofing coating application.

Although there are many different types of commercial roof coatings that are used by Atlanta roofing contractors, the most commonly used commercial roof coatings fall into three basic categories.  Acrylic, Polyurethane (or Urethane) and Silicones.  It is important that we understand the acceptable uses for all of these commercial roof coatings used by Atlanta Roofers and other commercial roofing contractors throughout the United States.  Since the annual growth rate of commercial roof coatings is approximately 5%, they are widely used by commercial roofing contractors to coat commercial metal roofs, commercial single ply roofs and smooth surface and granular surfaced modified bitumen commercial roofing systems.

Hicks Roofing installs all major types of commercial roof coatings.  There is no perfect roof coating for every application. We must conduct a full roof inspection and analysis in order to determine if a roof coating is a suitable option, and if so, which of these systems are the best choice.  More often than not we find that urethane commercial roof coatings are the best option.  These commercial roof coatings provide high tensile strength along with a durable surface.  Although positive drainage is recommended Hicks Roofing has installed thousands of square feet of urethane roof coatings and these coatings stand up well to ponding water situations.